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Water treatment for the textile industry

The textile industry is intensive in the generation of wastewater, produced during the manufacture of fibers and fabrics and with a very variable composition.

Generally, the effluent is hot, alkaline and colored, being precise the reduction of solids in suspension, mineral oils, organic compounds and heavy metals present.

PESA Medioambiente can help you define and implement a tailor-made solution, applying a combination of physical-chemical treatment technologies (coagulation-flocculation, fenton process, ozonization, reverse osmosis, adsorption) for dye removal, and biological more appropriate, safe and efficient depending on the characteristics of your wastewater.

Offer of services

As a specialist in water treatment technologies with an integral vision, PESA Medioambiente offers its services in all phases of the project.

  • Pilot plants and analysis campaigns
  • Design and economic study
  • Engineering and technical management
  • Construction, installation, assembly and commissioning
  • Staff training
  • Technical assistance
  • Monitoring
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Financing

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Don´t worry about your water management problems. PESA can take care of everything

For those customers who wish to outsource water treatment and sludge management and focus on their business, PESA can take on all the work related to water management. In addition, our customers benefit from our experience in project finance: together we find the most suitable solution for each case and the customer’s requirements from a wide range including rentals, leasing, water as a service (WaaS: Water-as-a-Service).

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