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Engineering and management of water

Water engineering expertise

PESA Medioambiente defines the most suitable technology and process in each situation, then developing internally the basic engineering and execution, optimizing at all times, both technically and economically the water treatment solution according to the needs of each case and client.

Basic engineering

Based on the customer’s requirements, the design basis, the results to be obtained, and the contour conditions (legislation, regulations, restrictions, etc.) that may exist are established. On the basis of this information, PESA’s team defines the technological process that best adapts, sizes it and prepares the flow diagrams (PFD) and the technical data sheets of the main electromechanical equipment. With it, a collection of basic plans (implantation, plans of forms, building and urbanization) is elaborated, and some measurements and preliminary budget. If required and/or depending on the complexity of the project, a basic 3D preliminary model of the proposal presented can also be developed, which serves as the basis for the development of the BIM model with which work is carried out a posteriori.

Detail engineering and execution of work

At PESA Medioambiente we take great care in the development of first class construction and execution engineering, with the aim of illustrating the projected installation down to the smallest detail, maintaining perfect traceability throughout the entire EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) process according to the quality standards and protocols that we have imposed on ourselves.

Our engineering work continues throughout not only the project, but also the rest of the EPC process, selecting the most appropriate equipment under strict technical parameters, integrating and supervising the work of suppliers and subcontractors and assisting both the project management and our Project Manager and the observations that the client can make regarding possible changes and / or modifications that may arise, closing the circle with constant feedback. And all this, finished with a commissioning and starting of the definitive installation until the fulfillment of the guaranteed parameters, being able to entrust us also, if the client requires it, of the M&O of the executed installation.

As-built engineering

Once our projects are completed, we prepare for our clients all the documentation related to their final state: plans, specifications of installed equipment and maintenance manuals.


PESA Medioambiente is one of the pioneering companies in the implementation of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) for more than 10 years, anticipating the normative dispositions that will make obligatory the use of this methodology for the projects of the public administrations and aware of its saving potential in times and costs.

The use of BIM for the process of generation and management of project data throughout its life cycle allows us:

  • The integration of the information in the 3D virtual models of the projected installations, so that any element that is visualized is intelligent.
  • Facilitate the collaborative work of all professionals and agents involved in a project, both in the design phase and in the execution, since the 3D model is accessible from a single platform, which allows the interaction of participants in order to provide improvements to solutions, thus reducing errors by interference and achieving greater visibility.
  • The automatic generation of lists of both equipment and materials from the modeling that allows a check of the necessary supplies, minimizing the possibility of errors and cost deviations by the need for additional shipments.
  • The minimization of construction and execution errors prior to the start of work in any phase of the project, since it is possible to visualize and locate with exact coordinates both the piping route and the location of any of the electromechanical elements and / or civil works and building.

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