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Maintenance Options

We adapt to the preferences of our customers

In cases where customers decide to outsource all or part of their operation and maintenance work, PESA Medioambiente is flexible to adapt to each customer’s procedures, specifications and preferences.

The most common modalities are:

Integral maintenance

For those clients who decide to completely outsource the operation of their water treatment facilities in order to focus on other business priorities or due to a lack of specialised resources, PESA Medioambiente can help them by assuming their management.

PESA provides all the necessary personnel for the operation and maintenance, and technical and administrative management of the plant. Supplies and specific maintenance contracts for one-off equipment are managed according to the customer’s wishes.

Mixed maintenance

PESA assumes the technical and administrative management of the plant and provides the command staff (plant manager and/or head of electromechanical equipment), who work with the client’s personnel.

The customer in these cases assumes the costs of supply and maintenance of unique equipment.

Technical assistance

In the event that a technical project already exists, we study in detail the projected solutions and applicable regulations and, if appropriate, we evaluate the introduction of improvements leading to savings in the construction and operation of the plant, complying everywhere with environmental regulations.

Likewise, in those projects developed on already existing installations, we carry out an inspection of the same, as well as a study of the historical operation data.

  • Historical and administrative processing
  • Inspection
  • Analysis of current parameters and applicable regulations


Diagnosis and pre-supply

Our experts supervise the operation of the plant on a part-time basis. Our clients benefit from independent oversight and recommendations to optimize operating costs — always ensuring regulatory compliance — and system improvements based on our expertise