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Compact water treatment solutions

In PESA Medioambiente we are specialists in compact and containerized solutions for water treatment and reuse. These decentralised treatment solutions are particularly suitable in remote areas or where alternatives are limited, e.g. where the costs of extending the sewerage network would be higher.


  • Small communities
  • Hotel, hospital, school, mall complexes
  • Golf courses
  • Industry
  • Mining and oil exploitation
  • Construction sites and camps
  • Emergency cases
  • Refugee Camps



The main advantages of compact water treatment solutions are:

  • Modular and compact system
  • Quick and easy installation, as they are prefabricated and require only simple civil works.
  • Advanced technology
  • Easily integrated; less visual impact.
  • Lower infrastructure investment costs
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs


Compact biological plants with Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR)

The treatment used is an advanced mobile bed fixed biomass (MBBR) process treatment is used, based on the development of bacterial cultures on a fixed support, which allows higher yields than other solutions.

Compact desalination plants

Designed to offer a quick and easy assembly installation solution. The whole plant is housed in one or more containers, between which the different stages of the process are distributed.

Compact plants with aerated biological filter or biofiltration (BAF)

The BAF system typically consists of several cells with filter media in which the biomass is fixed. These cells can be aerated if only organic matter removal is required, or they can be a combination of anoxic and aerobic if organic matter and nitrogen removal is required. Its application both for the treatment of municipal and industrial waste water allows a notable saving of space and a great adaptability to the variations of loads.

Compact Plants with Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

The used treatment consists of a pre-treatment and primary treatment followed by a bioreactor with biomass in suspension at high concentration and an external tank with membranes from where part of the biomass is retained and recirculated to the reactor. It allows the obtention of tertiary quality water.

Other compact solutions

We encourage you to contact us to find out which compact solution best suits to your case. The modular nature of the units allows you to adjust the number of units to the water production capacity required by each customer.

Do you have challenges with wastewater treatment?

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