Solutions in sludge treatment and energy recovery

Experts in sludge treatment and biodigestion

After more than 20 installations designed, built and in operation with the application of digestion processes, PESA Medioambiente (formerly Passavant España) has a proven expertise in biodigestion and energy recovery of sludge that guarantee it within the sector both nationally and internationally.

Wastewater treatment processes and other industrial processes generate sludge and by-products which, due to their nature and composition, can be reused, either as fertilizer or fuel, but which in no case should be managed as waste subject to disposal. From an environmental point of view and optimization in the use of resources, in recent years is taking an increasing importance, the valorization of by-products of treatment processes, moving towards a circular economy.

PESA Medioambiente assists public administrations and companies in the selection for an optimal solution in each case.

Depending on the origin and composition of the sludge and the final destination, we offer different solutions:

  • Anaerobic digestion and energy recovery
  • Mechanical dehydration
  • Low temperature thermal sludge drying
  • Solar sludge drying
  • Pelletizing
  • Gasification and/or combustion


Anaerobic digestion and cogeneration (CHP) with biogas

Anaerobic digestion reduces dry matter content and weight of the sludge, as well as stabilizes sludge with the consequent odour reduction and allowing the generation of renewable energy from biogas.

Benefits of anaerobic digestion

The main benefits of biodigestion are:

  • Reduced sludge production due to reduction of volatile solids and increased sludge dryness.
  • Sludge stabilization and odour reduction.
  • Partial hygienization of the sludge according to the thermal range of operation, improving its applicability for uses such as agriculture or others.
  • Energy recovery, by cogeneration of biogas to produce electricity and heat stream, or by upgrading to grid injection in the form of natural gas (CH4).



PESA Medioambiente is at the forefront of the latest innovations in digestion processes and their combination with pre-treatment technologies, such as sonication or thermal hydrolysis (TH), as well as with post-treatment technologies for the products obtained, such as Desulphurisation, Ugrading and Liquefaction on the biogas side, or dehydration, thermal drying and pelletisation on the digestate side. Likewise, we have the know-how for the execution of different digestion configurations, fruit of the development of our studies in Thermo Phased Anaerobic Digestion (TPAD), and the possibility of working in both mesophilic and thermophilic range.

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