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Water treatment for the municipal sector

PESA Medioambiente is a leading company in the design, construction and operation of water treatment plants for municipal clients and administrations, including two of the largest WWTPs built in recent years in Spain in Burgos and Ourense.


Sustainable water treatment

Aware of the challenges that population growth, water scarcity and environmental conservation represent for our clients, at PESA we focus on designing and implementing efficient solutions for drinking water from any source, the treatment of wastewater for safe discharge into public watercourses or reuse, and the treatment of sludge and its energy use.



In a world where water scarcity is a growing problem, and where people are concentrated in coastal areas, desalination technologies are key to securing water supplies. Especially in regions subject to considerable water stress, desalination of brackish or seawater may be the most appropriate solution to ensure the availability and quality of drinking water.

At PESA Medioambiente we are specialists in integral desalination solutions, both in the form of large capacity plants and small compact modular plants, to supply quality water to communities and industries.

Drinking water treatment

At PESA Medioambiente we are aware of the challenge of managing a vital and scarce resource such as water. That is why we offer efficient, robust and tailored solutions to the needs of our customers. From the treatment of drinking water for its supply to communities and populations, to the supply of process water for industries. We put at your service more than 30 years of experience designing and constructing drinking water treatment plants (DWTP).

Waste water treatment

After more than 30 years of experience in the design, engineering, execution management, construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), both for administrations and industries, PESA Medioambiente is a leading company in the sector. Our knowledge of all phases of the life cycle of installations and experience in different geographies allows us to design and implement efficient, robust solutions adapted to local needs and conditions and to the environmental and health requirements of each context, optimising investment and operating costs.

Wastewater reuse

PESA Medioambiente works with the latest technologies in tertiary treatment, combining filtration processes (micro, ultra and osmosis) with disinfection with chlorine gas, hypochlorite, ozone or UV, which are necessary to achieve the quality required by current legislation according to the type of reuse to which our customers wish to use it.

Sludge treatment and energy recovery

Wastewater treatment processes and other industrial processes generate sludge and by- products that by their nature and composition can be reused, either as fertilizer or fuel, but should never be managed as waste for disposal. From an environmental point of view and optimization in the use of resources, in recent years is taking an increasing importance, the valorization of by-products of treatment processes, moving towards a circular economy.

Treatment of emissions and odours

Wastewater treatment plants are also strategic installations that restore the balance to the environment of the impacts caused by human activity associated with the generation of these waters. The three most noteworthy ones on which action is taken in the plants to correct these impacts are: the elimination of pollution of water resources, proper management and revaluation, if appropriate, of the sludge obtained from the process and the elimination of both emissions of certain compounds and odours.

In addition, if water treatment plants are located in sensitive areas or close to populations, they can sometimes cause social rejection. In order to achieve an integration of the treatment facilities in their environment, PESA Medioambiente develops different types of solutions in its projects.

Compact plans and decentralised treatment solutions

In PESA Medioambiente we are specialists in compact and containerized solutions for the treatment and reuse of water. These decentralised treatment solutions are particularly suitable in remote areas or where alternatives are limited, e.g. where the costs of extending the sewerage network would be higher.

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For those customers who wish to outsource water treatment and sludge management and focus on their business, PESA can take on all the work related to water management. In addition, our customers benefit from our experience in project finance: together we find the most suitable solution for each case and the customer’s requirements from a wide range including rentals, leasing, water as a service (WaaS: Water-as-a-Service).