Wastewater reuse and tertiary treatment solutions

Solutions for the regeneration and reuse of wastewater

In many situations, the scarcity and cost of water makes it advisable to implement solutions to maximize its use an advanced effluent treatment is often recommended, both from a technical and economic point of view, in order to obtain enough water quality for its reuse.

PESA Medioambiente works with the latest technologies in tertiary treatment, combining filtration processes (MF, UF and RO) with disinfection with chlorine gas, hypochlorite, ozone or UV, which are necessary to achieve the quality required by current legislation according to the type of reuse to which our customers wish to use it.


Reused water can be applied in agricultural uses (irrigation of crops, orchards, etc.), industrial uses (cleaning, refrigeration systems, boilers, etc.), municipal uses (irrigation of gardens, cleaning, etc.) and recreational uses (parks, golf courses, etc.).

  • Agricultural uses (crop irrigation, orchards, golf courses)
  • Municipal uses (garden irrigation, cleaning services)
  • Industrial uses (cleaning services, refrigeration systems, boilers, etc.)

Benefits of wastewater reuse

The benefits of our solutions include the following:

  • Optimización del aprovechamiento de un recurso vital y escaso: el agua
  • Reducción de la necesidad de ampliación de nuevas infraestructuras de captación y tratamiento de agua
  • Reducción de costes de energía, transporte y canon de vertido.
  • Reducción de la huella ambiental de comunidades e industrias

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