27 January 2014

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The "Direction des Ressources en eau de la Wilaya de Oran" resolved the award of the international tender for the construction of an urban wastewater treatment plant in Bethioua (a city located some 40 kilometers from Oran) in favor of the Consortium formed by the companies China Geo-engineering Corporation (CGC de China), S.A. de Obras y Servicios, COPASA and Passavant España, S.A.U.

The project includes the study of the elaboration of the civil engineering works and the supply of the electromechanical equipment, execution, start up and operation during 1 year.

The total amount of the work amounts to 1,312,853,638.98 Algerian dinars (including all taxes) of which 5,884,929.36 is in euros and the rest in local currency.

Applying the exchange rate used in the tender, the portfolio for this work amounts to approximately 12.75 million euros. And the overall term of the work is 21 months, plus the 12 months corresponding to management and operation.

The project is designed to serve 125,000 equivalent inhabitants, with a flow rate of 13,200 m3/day. The budgeted process consists of coarse and fine pre-treatment, 2 desanding-degreasing lines, 3 primary decanters, 3 biological lines, 3 secondary decanters, disinfection, sludge treatment by aerobic sludge digester, 1 gravity thickener and dehydration by drying beds.