Leachate treatment solutions

The correct treatment of leachate poses a high number of challenges. High levels of chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD), ammonium, dissolved and suspended solids, conductivity and other compounds are joined by high variability in both flow and concentrations.

The choice of the most suitable treatment technology will depend on the range of flows to be treated, their degree of contamination and the required discharge limits.

Traditionally, aerobic biological treatments combined with physical-chemical treatments such as membranes or activated carbon have been the most widespread solution. A typical configuration is the use of SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactors) in several variants.

Currently, the use of Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) combined with reverse osmosis is the most efficient and sustainable technology.

These solutions are complemented by the need to monitor and adjust the process to the frequent oscillation of the pollutant load of the spill, in order to optimise operating costs.

From PESA Medioambiente, we can design, implement and operate tailor-made leachate treatment systems, always seeking to reduce treatment costs.

Reduction in the amount of brine

Once the leachate has been treated, a residue is obtained in the form of a concentrated brine with a high conductivity.

PESA Medioambiente also offers solutions for the minimization of brines obtained through the implementation of processes of evaporation and crystallization of salts.

Compact solutions

Modular solutions in containers, due to their speed of implementation and flexibility, are particularly recommendable. They make it possible to adapt the treatment capacity (and investment) to the volumes and characteristics of the leachate.

Integral vision of water treatment

Those clients who wish to forget about leachate management can outsource their treatment to PESA Medioambiente. We offer rental, operation and maintenance solutions and technical assistance.


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