Differential offer - Water treatment projects

We help to choose the optimal solution for each customer

In addition to defining the proposed water treatment and/or energy recovery solution, our offer aims to assist in the decision-making process of our customers.

Depending on your preferences, the offer will include several alternatives: from a turnkey project - with payment milestones during the project and its execution - to an integral treatment service (water-as-a-service) - in which PESA Medioambiente offers a reliable, economic and efficient treatment solution, freeing its clients from construction, operation and financial risks.

The inclusion of a financial study of the different scenarios allows our clients to evaluate which option is the best and adapts to their case and budgets.

  • Technical report
  • Budget
  • EPC
  • Commissioning
  • Formation
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)
  • Technical assistance service (S.A.T.)
  • Definition of maintenance level
  • Financial study


Economic offer

Based on the type of project, available investment budget and our clients' preferences, we work to find the best scheme for both parties.

Among the alternatives presented are usually found:

  • Offer for a 'turnkey' with payment milestones throughout the project and/or subsequent technical assistance
  • Turnkey offer with payment milestones throughout the project and/or fixed and variable fees for the operation and maintenance of the plant.
  • Offer for integral service of water treatment, with/without initial quota and fixed and variable quotas throughout a determined contractual period (scheme BOT - Build - Own- Operate - Transfer).